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Bus Route

Greyhound Bus Information

Greyhound Bus has a stop adjacent to the library on 7th Street between Vermont and Kentucky across from the post office (yellow area on map below.)

The Lawrence Public Library is not affiliated with Greyhound Bus services. However, we’re happy to assist with printing bus tickets or directing you to bus information.

Greyhound provides service to Lawrence three times a day on its route between Topeka and Kansas City, and connects to thousands of cities across the country.

The Greyhound website lists the bus address as 707 Vermont. That is misleading.

The bus arrives at the corner of 7th and Vermont. You are welcome to wait for the bus inside the library, but when your departure time nears, we recommend waiting on the corner. If it’s raining, you can seek shelter under the library’s overhang on 7th between Vermont and Kentucky Streets and still see the bus.

Purchasing Tickets:

  1. Greyhound tickets can’t be purchased from the driver, but the driver has the option of holding a rider’s ID and taking them to the next bus station to pay. Totally up to the driver, depending on space, etc., but there are no guarantees.
  2. Order online with credit card and print your ticket. We can help print tickets for $0.15 / page.
  3. Order online and pay with cash at ACE Cash Express — Located in shopping center at corner of 6th and Kasold
  4. Order from Greyhound at 1-800-231-2222, then pay with cash at ACE Cash Express.

Important PS: Meters have been removed and “No Parking” signs are in place, so look before you park to avoid a pricey ticket!

Greyhound bus location LPL