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Who are ‘the Media’?

Curious about fake news, facts, and ferreting out the truth?

On Monday, DEC 11 from 7-8 PM in our Auditorium, local media professionals and professors from KU’s William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications will talk about navigating the current murky media landscape.

Learn strategies for evaluating news and determining the accuracy and validity of the stories you see online, on TV, and in the papers. Participants are encouraged to join in the dialogue, ask questions and offer comments. Teens welcome.

Kidsapalooza: Once Gone, Gone Forever

On Wednesday, July 12th from 2-3 PM in the Auditorium, Rachel from the Topeka Zoo will use live animals and bio-facts to discuss threatened and endangered animals, the causes for animals being threatened or endangered, and what we can do from right here in northeast Kansas to reduce threat to endangered species around the world. Program is for ages 5-6. Register: 785-843-3833 or at Library Chidren’s Desk.

Fact Checking Bootcamp

Is the news you read true?

Join KU Journalism faculty to learn about evaluating and verifying news sources in this 4-part series. Then, do some fact checking of your own! Questions? Ask Melissa:

TUESDAYS | 6:30-8 PM

TUE | Apr 18: | Meeting Room C
Gain strategies for effective online searching, plus ways to search and access public documents.

TUE | April 25 | Meeting Room A
Learn the telltale signs of news that may not be factually sound, and about the online resources you can use to verify the veracity of news stories.

TUE | May 2 | Meeting Room A
Uncover the ins and outs of filing requests for public documents under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Kansas Open Records Act (KORA).

TUE | May 9 | Meeting Room A
Follow the money in campaign and other political financing by learning about campaign finance laws and searching public records.