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J. Robert Lennon

Broken River Could Be J. Robert Lennon’s Breakout Novel

Each time J. Robert Lennon drops a new book I think, this is the one, this is the time the “general public” will discover J. Robert Lennon.

Entertainment Weekly will give it an “A+,” Angelina Jolie will tweet about it, or some such thing. Famed writer of thrillers Lee Child calls Mr. Lennon’s latest novel, Broken River, “compelling from the first page, and then smart, sophisticated, suspenseful and satisfying throughout — [it] is a first-class ride.” It has also been chosen as the May 2017 Indie Next #1 Pick, so who knows, perhaps Broken River, his eighth novel, will be that breakout book. It is certainly worthy of that distinction. Read More..

An Evening with J. Robert Lennon

J. Robert Lennon has always been at home with the strange and the scary, but Broken River truly raises the bar. On Thursday, May 18 from 7-8:30 PM, Lennon will talk about his new book which begins with a young girl’s narrow escape from a brutal crime scene near her home.

The novel picks up the thread years later to follow the family who moves into this same house with a few problems of their own. Told by a gradually awakening consciousness called The Observer, Lennon filters the purely entertaining pleasures of a psychological thriller through his singular imagination. (Source:

We’ll met in our Auditorium. The Raven will sell books for him to sign.

See You In Paradise with J. Robert Lennon

Thursday November 6th at 7pm in the Auditorium

J. Robert Lennon, the author of seven novels, including Mailman, and Familiar, will read from his latest short story collection, See You In Paradise.

Haunting, surreal, and often tinged with science fiction elements, Lennon’s work is driven by a fertile, experimental imagination and an interest in examining suburban malaise. He creates strange, unsettling, dystopian fictional worlds that may be real or may be manifestations of his protagonist’s obsessions, pathologies, or damaged psychological states. Drawing on 15 years of work, this excellent collection includes a rich variety of short stories that explore these distinctive themes. Some of the stories are idea-driven, and they often highlight Lennon’s interest in science fiction and flair for the macabre. “The Wraith,” for example, is a potent and disturbing story about an unhappy suburban couple who suddenly find themselves living with a zombielike supernatural creature. Other entries are more character driven, and these are among the best in the collection. “Total Humiliation in 1987,” for example, is an accomplished, emotionally moving psychological study of a marriage falling publicly and ignominiously apart in front of a couple’s teenage children during a summer vacation. Lennon examines the suddenly unfathomable gulf that has grown between these parents with intelligence and pathos.  An eerie, disquieting, and powerful collection; recommended for fans of literary fiction. -From Library Journal