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Jane J.

Fun on the Farm

Although the American family farm may well be fading into history, increasingly being replaced by the corporation farm industry, farm picture books are still being published to this day. Many authors and illustrators keep the farm culture alive with creative stories and wonderful pictures of the classic barnyard animals preschoolers love. Farm animals make such identifiable sounds that they become Read More..


How to Get the Most Out of Picture Books!

As you share picture books with your preschool through kindergarten child, you can discover many ways to use them beyond the story itself. After exploring the words and the tale they tell, discover all of the concepts used in the illustrations. Every picture book is a counting book, a colors book, a shapes book and a book of sounds. The wonderful Read More..


New Books!

Check out the newest books in the Children’s collection!  At the entrance to the Children’s Area you will find a shelf labeled NEW CHILDREN’S BOOKS. Look there for new titles in the Non-fiction, Biography, Young Fiction, Fiction, Picture Books for Older Readers, Picture Books, Easy Readers, Audiobooks and DVD categories.  We feature these new items for six Read More..


Picture Books Not Just for Little Kids!

In the PICTURE BOOKS FOR OLDER READERS section of the Children’s Area, you will find some great stories for family sharing.  This collection, located at the north end of the computer desks, is full of wonderfully illustrated books for children seven years old and older! Look for the following titles and discover some new adventures for growing minds. Read More..


Summer in the Magic Tree House

Are you looking for some great reading adventures for the summer?  Try joining Jack and Annie, two lucky children who discover a tree house, a magic librarian and a wizard to help them travel all over the world and through time.

Mary Pope Osborne’s amazing Magic Tree House fiction series is waiting on the shelves of the Young Fiction Read More..



Looking for some good duck books to help get spring underway at your house?  Start with a reading (or re-reading) of the classic Make Way for Ducklings by author and illustrator Robert McCloskey, awarded the 1941 Caldecott Medal for “the most distinguished American picture book for children.”  This delightful tale of a family of ducks navigating the streets of Read More..


Stone Arch Readers

Looking for good books to help you help your child read or get ready to read?  The Stone Arch Readers, available in our Easy Readers collection, are wonderful for children ages one through five years old or older.  They are written by a variety of authors and can be found by searching with keyword “Stone Arch Readers” in the online catalog. Read More..


May B.: a book review for kids

When someone recommends a book to me, I do not like to be told too much because I like the author to surprise me on every page.  But I do want you to read May B., so I will tell you a little bit about it.  Mavis Betterly, called May B. by her family, is a 12-year-old girl who lives in a Kansas frontier prairie sod house.  In order to earn some money for her family, Read More..


Jane’s Favorites

Old books and new books offer ways to put wonderful words, rhythm, rhyme, humor, story and images into your child’s life.  These are some of my favorites.  Happy family reading!

May I Bring a Friend? written by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers, illustrated by Beni Montresor, and a winner of the 1965 Caldecott Award.  A boy goes to tea with the King and Queen and brings a different friend each day.  Imagine how wild it would be to party with a bunch of monkeys or on top of an elephant! Read More..