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Jenny C.

Baby Storytime at Home!

It’s getting cold out there! The chilly mornings make it hard to get out the door, so here’s a storytime to try at home. Alternate between a book and rhyme or two and you’re set!

If you would like to add more to the storytime, you can create some streamer pom poms to move and shake during the songs about autumn leaves and blowing wind. Take crepe paper Read More..


DK Pocket Genius

Dorling Kindersley (DK) books are known for their amazing pictures, creative layouts and bits of interesting text. The excellent Eyewitness series of nonfiction books published by DK is a favorite at the library. Good news! There’s a new DK series in town- it’s small and just as fascinating as its big brother. The DK Pocket Genius series features glossy pictures, Read More..


The Evolution of a Girl Scientist

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate takes us into the fascinating world of a girl who is out of sync with her time. She’s curious, scientifically-minded and born in the late 1800s… a time when girls were expected to knit socks and study the culinary arts (not Callie’s cup of tea!). One day Calpurnia is fascinated by the two kinds of grasshoppers she sees in the yard. Her drive to Read More..


Parent Island in the Children’s Room

You’ll find a lot of sections in the children’s room… one is a little tucked away, but has much to offer new and seasoned parents alike. Our Parenting section (located at the end of the juvenile fiction section and before the picture book section) covers a wide variety of topics, including pregnancy, baby food, potty training, education and learning disorders. Issues covered run Read More..


Starry River of the Sky

In Starry River of the Sky by Grace Lin, stories and storytelling have power. Within the book several characters become storytellers and share myth-inspired tales. Not only do these tales contain wisdom, they give us a glimpse into the storyteller.

Rendi, the main character, has problems. He’s run away from home and ends up in a strange land that is Read More..


The Creative Books of Hervé Tullet

I was lucky enough to hear Hervé Tullet, the wildly creative children’s book illustrator and author, speak recently. His work is propelled by ideas and his thoughtful books inspire readers to reconsider what a picture book can be. He doesn’t tell a traditional story… he takes us on an adventure!  Read More..


Superhero Day is Almost Here!

Wednesday, March 20, 1:30-3 pm! Would you like to be a superhero? What would your special power be? What colors would your outfit be? Join us for Superhero Day to get all the details worked out and to be entered in LPL’s Superhero Registry!

First up: what will your superhero name be? You can go Read More..


Two Gems of 2012

Many exceptional children’s books were released in 2012! Two of my favorites bring history to life in a powerful way. In these books we’re thrust into the tense days of WWII and the desperate time of the Great Depression. Read More..


Button Jewelry and Cookies in a Jar: Gifts Kids Can Make!

We hosted a gift-making hour recently: kids created button jewelry, cookies in a jar and more for their family and friends! Creating these gifts is fun and fairly inexpensive. Here’s how we did it.

Button jewelry: create cute rings, bracelets, headbands and more!  Here’s what you’ll need: Read More..


Mem Fox: Read Aloud Guru!

Mem Fox is a read-aloud cheerleader who makes a strong case for the importance of sharing books with young children in her book Reading Magic. This is a must-read for those who would like to make reading time fun and nurturing. Not only has Fox written this amazing book for adults, she has also created numerous excellent picture books. Read More..