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Kevin Corcoran

Building Community

Class struggle, packs of wild dogs, group hunting, cannibalism, luxury high-rise apartments. J. G. Ballard has a way of using state of the art convenience as a device to deconstruct humankind to a primordial level.  In his novel or possibly novella, High-Rise, Ballard uses the human desire for convenience to undo the population of a massive apartment complex. Read More..

Not just another day at the beach

A cloud of nuclear fallout has engulfed everything outside of the city you call home.  Radio contact with the rest of the world has been lost and impending doom slowly creeps towards you.  With each passing day it becomes harder to hold on to the concept of a functional society.  The only thing left to do is to pickle yourself with brandy, chain smoke and hastily organize a death race with the last drops of fuel left on Earth. Read More..

Road Rage Can Be Brutal

Driven is the aptly named sequel to the 2005 James Sallis book, Drive.  If you haven’t read Drive or seen the film adaptation of the same name, by Nicolas Winding Refn, treat yourself and do one or the other, or both.  It may be beneficial to have some prior knowledge of either for this review, but it’s not essential. Read More..