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Neil Gaiman

For the Love of American Gods

Brian Reitzell is one of the greatest contemporary composers of our generation. You may have heard of him from his well-known work on The Virgin Suicides or Lost in Translation, but I first fell in love with Reitzell’s music after watching the canceled-way-too-soon series Hannibal on NBC. Reitzell manages to create music that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard, so imagine my delight when he joined forces with Bryan Fuller again after their stellar collaboration on Hannibal to bring the world of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods to life for Starz. Read More..

Like, Try, Why: Neil Gaiman

These books offer up a dazzling (sometimes dizzying) display of wit and vivid imagination, through elegant, poignant storytelling. Mixing up a potion with equal portions of strange magic and suspenseful mystery, these authors combine the best of elements of horror, mythology, fantasy, sci-fi, and humor to masterfully weave highly inventive and darkly delightful narratives that you won’t soon forget.

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