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2017’s Best New Picture Books

Thank you, Dan Coleman, for writing a beautiful, nostalgic piece about the Vinland Fair, so I can go hog wild suggesting all of the newest picture books! Hooray for me! And you, fortuitous reader! I’m lucky enough to do storytime here at LPL, and while there are some challenging days of herding toddlers, it is a joy and a privilege to introduce children to literature and catch a small slice of their innocence and wonder.

When we started up storytime again this fall, I wanted to try something different: read a handful of random books, held together only by the fact that they were published in 2017. (Weirdly most of them are from February, who knew that was such a hot picture book publishing month?)

Here are a few of my favorites. My only disclaimer is that I chose these for a Toddler Storytime audience; I think ALL of these would work well for older and younger kids, I mean, they utterly delight me, but keep in mind they were picked to work for toddlers especially. Read More..