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Ransom Jabara

These January Gems are Diamonds in the Rough

There is an enduring misconception that librarians spend their workdays reading the books in the collection (and then their nights fussing cat hair off of cardigans – which is accurate).  As a book selector, my job might come closest in terms of reading at work.

I spend a healthy amount of time each day going through book reviews, and in doing so, I see plenty of titles with positive reviews and starred ratings – but often, with no star author attached, those titles will go unnoticed by the general reading public.

Below is a list of critical darlings being released in January that you may never hear about.  Since the list of possible contenders was too long for a single post, I’ve winnowed it down to a theme of darkness to match winter’s long nights – and to dispel any residual holiday cheer.  Enjoy! Read More..