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Ransom Jabara

A Favorite Sub-lebrity

Of the many types of fame one can have, I appreciate the kind Michael Ian Black has best – the kind that just won’t stick.  It’s marginal fame, which is maybe oxymoronic, but sums up his decades long stay on the pop culture periphery, bouncing from one underperforming project to the next, as he is likely to do into perpetuity.  Or to put it another way, his star is shining from a constellation that includes the likes of Lisa Rinna and David Alan Grier. Read More..

GOT Guilty Pleasure

There’s probably much to be said for ignoring popular frenzies – but I’ll tell ya, sometimes following the crowd will take you to unexpected places.  For example, had someone informed me a few months ago that I’d give a fig about some feudal fantasy land full of competing royal houses, mythical beasts, and freeze-dried zombies– well, I would have been a tad skeptical and more than a little disappointed.  I mean, I can enjoy the occasional flagon of mulled wine at a Ren Fest, but the line has to be drawn somewhere. Read More..