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Audiobooks You Should Be Listening to on Hoopla

Sure, that title has a clickbait quality to it, but I’m pretty serious and vocal about my love for all things Hoopla. I’ve sung its praises in the past (mostly because the graphic novel selection is pretty darn great), but only recently have I really delved into the audiobook section.

Mostly because, until recently, I wasn’t exactly a fan of listening to books. Lugging around CDs is always a pain, and I’m still not sure what those MP3 thingies are all about, but listening to a book on your phone while multi-tasking or taking a walk? You mean I can read all the time if I want to?! Read More..

LPL on the Road: Bookin’ it in Brooklyn

A sense of place – both a way of orienting to your surroundings and a feeling of belonging – is important not only in our daily lives but also in our reading lives. Whether a book is set in the realistic present or a bizarre, magical  future, an author’s job is to give readers something, some place, to hold onto. And sometimes a piece of fiction can unexpectedly provide a way of orienting to the “real world” around you. I learned this lesson a few weeks ago on my first trip to New York for the Book Riot Live conference. Before leaving for the city, I was admittedly terrified. I’m an anxious traveler in general, and wondered how I’d react to So Many People All At Once (especially because my idea of “too crowded” is, like, the 11am crowd at the Lawrence Farmers Market). As all my wise friends and colleagues had insisted, I adapted to the bustling city life, but what I hadn’t anticipated was that an author and a book would help with this adjustment. Read More..