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Susan Brown

Borden, Bundy, BTK

Bodice-ripping romances.  Celebrity biographies. Ultra geeky sci-fi paperbacks.  We all have our guilty pleasures when it comes to reading.  We’re  librarians, we don’t judge. Heck, we’ll even help you find more cat mysteries, troll-laden fantasy tomes, or teen romances – just ask us. Read More..


Have You Read Bentley Little?

Bentley Little is one of the horror genre’s best kept secrets. He has been writing for twenty years and has penned more than a dozen novels and over one hundred short stories but almost never gives interviews, doesn’t have a website, and rarely appears at book signings. He published his first novel in 1990 and it won the Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel, the genre’s highest annual honor for new novelists. Since then, he has gone on to develop a unique voice that has won famous fans such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Read More..


Cornfields and Closets and Laundry, Oh My!

Thanks to one book, there are three things that I absolutely cannot and will not do: 1) Walk into a field full of high corn 2) Get inside a dark closet 3) Be near industrial laundry equipment.

Okay, so that last one’s not exactly an everyday occurrence, but look around – there are cornfields and dark closets everywhere.  And you will never find me in either one.  Why?  When I was about twelve or  thirteen years old, I found a copy of Stephen King’s short story collection, Night Shift, on the paperback-filled bookshelves of my older sister’s room. Read More..


Ballyhoo! And Fairwell to the Fair…

Sadly, the Douglas County Fair has come and gone for another year. Everyone I know seems to love the fair for a different reason. Friends who were former 4-Hers go to check out the livestock with their own kids. Ironic hipsters line up early for the Demolition Derby. Me? I go for the Midway. I love the rides, the games, the funnel cake, and the carnies. My only complaint about the Douglas County Fair is that they don’t have more circus freaks and sideshow attractions. I’d love to see a Bearded Lady. I’d line up to catch a firebreather or sword swallower. And I’d lay down good money to catch a glimpse of the Cardiff Giant. Carnival barkers dream about marks like me.

I doubt that the Douglas County Fair will go this route anytime soon, so I’ll have to make do by catching some of the acts at the annual Busker Fest and of course, reading about carnies, circus acts, and freak shows. No matter what your reading tastes, if you’ve ever dreamed of running away with the circus, then step right up! Come one, come all! There’s a little something for everyone in the Amazing World of the Lawrence Public Library Stacks! Read More..


Scary Good Thrillers

I like my crime fiction dark and twisty – no cats or caterers-turned-detectives for me, please.  My new favorite author does dark and twisty as well as thrilling and creepy and well-written and page-turning.  S. J. Bolton is a British author who has published five books so far – three stand alone titles and two in a series.  Her books are all set in England, often in small villages, and usually have some aspect of British folklore woven into the crime at the heart of the story.  Bolton writes thrillers, to be sure, but they are often more moody and gothic than is typical of the genre.  She also throws in just enough of a romantic plot line in each book to keep things interesting among characters but not overwhelm the main story.  Quite simply, she’s a fine storyteller.   Read More..


Have You Read Sebastian Faulks?

Sebastian Faulks is one of Britain’s most popular literary authors, yet he remains relatively unknown in the US. A former journalist and editor who turned to fiction in his late twenties, he writes richly detailed, well-researched stories that are deeply evocative of the some of the 20th century’s most remarkable periods and places, from WWII-era Europe to America on the brink of the Vietnam War. His perspective is thoroughly modern, but his books have an old-fashioned, epic feeling–often due to their wartime settings and lush romantic plots. As a testament to his popularity, and in a break from his usual work, Faulks was commissioned by the Ian Fleming estate to write a new James Bond book, Devil May Care, for the 2008 centenary of Fleming’s birth. If you enjoy sweeping historical dramas that have decidedly literary bent, check out Sebastian Faulks. Read More..


If You Like “The Other Boleyn Girl”…

If you liked Philippa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl you might enjoy these fictional accounts of powerful women caught up in some of history’s most tumultuous times. Read More..


If You Like Janet Evanovich…

Janet Evanovich is consistently one of the most popular authors at the library. Her latest novel, Finger Lickin’ Fifiteen, has been on our list of most requested books since early last spring.

If you’re a fan of Evanovich and her lingerie buyer turned bounty-hunter heroine Stephanie Plum, you might also enjoy one of these series. Read More..