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Artistic Inspiration

Looking for some new inspiration for your art? A new craft to try out? Maybe some ideas for holiday presents? Check out some of the new craft and art books we have in the Teen Zone.  Read More..

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Origami & Hachimaki Making

Come learn the traditional arts of Japanese paper folding and Hachimaki stylized headbands with our special guest Erica Norikami. Your Hachimaki might come in handy when preparing your end of semester projects or studying for finals.


June is National Get Outdoors Month

As always in Kansas, the weather is… variable. What’s that saying? “Don’t like the weather in KS? Wait 5 minutes! ” Hopefully this June is filled with sunny, but not too hot, days absent bugs and tornadoes. The likelihood of this is very low though, so here is a list of books about the great outdoors that you can enjoy inside when the outdoors isn’t being friendly enough for you to go out! Read More..


Staff Picks: Soul Searching by Sarah Stillman

Every once in a while, I pick up a non-fiction book and leaf through its Table of Contents to see if there is anything I might be interested in… Soul Searching  had so many chapter titles I liked, that I HAD to check it out and read it. From yoga to feng shui, aromatherapy to color therapy, safe cell phone usage to cyberbullying –  this book covers a multitude of what I think of as modern day coping skills. And I believe the more coping skills you have in your arsenal  the better you are able to handle any situation that comes up in life. And who doesn’t want that? Even if you don’t want to read the whole book, pick it up and glance at the chapters that DO interest you. You never know what you might learn.


Civil War Fashion Show

We’re putting a special historical twist on fashion by celebrating the looks that were in style during the Civil War. Participants in the program have chosen people that were associated with Lawrence during the time of Quantrill’s raid and created updated modern looks with some inspiration from the past. Come see all of their hard work on Sunday, July 28 at our Civil War Fashion Show!

Civil War Fashion Show
Sunday, July 28
2:00 pm
Watkins Community Museum of History
Reception to follow

If you have questions or want more info about this program, please email Karen Allen at


Happy Birthday Shakespeare Reading List, Graphic Novel Style!

Happy Birthday Shakespeare! I wonder if the bard ever conceived of something like today’s graphic novel? Hopefully he would approve of the following renditions of his work! If you don’t want a graphic novel, scroll down to the bottom for links to his other works.

Read More..

Staff Picks: Rootless by Chris Howard

I picked up Rootless because the summary mentioned a future with no trees and a young man building “trees” for rich people out of metal and plastic. Environmental apocalypse and a protagonist artist building “trees” for those that oppress him? Yes please! Sadly, as I am often too impulsive with books, I did not check to see if the book was a “stand alone” or part of a series. Oops!  Read More..

Poetry and Pizza

We’ll feed you pizza and you can feed your soul at our pizza and poetry party!

Friday, April 26
4:30-6:00 pm

Create blackout and silhouette poetry while noshing on delectable pizza for inspiration.
No writing experience necessary.



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Free State Film Festival

The Lawrence Public Library is proud to partner with the Lawrence Arts Center to present the Free State Film Fest – High School Edition, a short film showcase featuring recent work produced by youth filmmakers from Lawrence High School & Free State High School.
Saturday, April 27th
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
At the Library 

This event is in coordination with the Free State Film Festival happening April 26-28. Check their website to learn more about the festival and for a complete schedule of showtimes and events.


Teen Volunteers!

Looking for something to do this summer? Volunteer at the library!

Summer Reading at the library is our busiest time of the year and we need your help. There are opportunities to help with circulation, tech services, programs for children or teens, or help the librarians in the children’s room. The program doesn’t require much of your time, only a couple of hours a week in June and July. If you’re interested, you must attend one of our Volunteen Info Sessions on one of the following days:

Sunday, April 28
1:00 – 2:00 pm

Wednesday, May 1
4:00 – 5:00 pm

Both meetings will be held at the library. This program is open to students ages 13 through high school.  For more information, contact Karen Allen at or ask for info at the Teen desk.

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