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This is Just a Distraction

What a strange thing it is to be an American today. Sometimes we may feel as if we are literally dodging bullets while simultaneously posting fake jubilance to social media, attempting to appear happier than we really are. Yesterday, I shared to facebook a think-piece on North Korea and then about two hours later, a filtered picture of my cats (who are adorable, by the way, but just needed that extra pizzazz the Nashville filter brings). Guess which one got more comments.

It is no wonder this environment can leave us feeling frazzled (and only frazzled, if we are lucky) and looking for solace and escapism. The news is chock-full of tragedy– terrorism, wars, Nazis– Actual Nazis have taken over the news cycle.

People are always yelling at other people not to be distracted. The idea of caring about too many things is worrisome to a lot of folks.THIS IS JUST A DISTRACTION. We are always warned of distractions in all caps.

The logical reaction to all of this is to log off of social media. But, what are we supposed to do if we’re not mindlessly scrolling through our ex-of-20-years-ago’s vacation pics? I mean, how is he affording that boat, anyway? Some will turn to books, of course. For others, films or unhealthy vices. Maybe you’re the kind of person who hits the gym and works it out. I always try to be a gym person but, in reality, I’m more of a wine person. What I’ve come to realize lately, though, is that when it comes to tumultuous times, what I’m not is a book person. Read More..