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Teen T-shirt Design Contest

Movies After Hours

We’re keeping the library open late for a teens only movie screening! 7pm on Friday March 20th we’ll be watching Guardians of the Galaxy in the Auditorium. Come hang out with your friends, eat some popcorn, and enjoy the movie!

Sign up for Fear Factor Foods!

Thursday March 19th at 3:00 you’ll get your chance to try creepy foods from around the world. Call the library at 785-843-3833 to sign up so that we can be sure there are enough tasty crickets (and more) to go around.

We’ll be feasting in the Readers’ Theater. You can get there through the Teen Zone or the Children’s Area. If you can’t find it just ask and we’ll point you the right way.

Computer Crashing

At 2:30 on Friday March 13th we’ll be pulling apart computers to see what makes them tick! Come to the Readers’ Theater just off the Teen Zone and we’ll set you up with computer parts and tools enough for everyone.

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