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College and Career


General Resources
  • College Planning: Check out this great resource put together by our friends at KU. It includes advice on everything from choosing a major to financial aid.

Choosing a College

  • College Navigator: Provides a variety of different search options (region, major, cost of attendance) to find the school for you.
  • Know How 2 Go: This website takes you step by step through the process of getting to college.
  • Think College: Great resource for those with intellectual disabilities.
  • Campus Pride Index:  Listing of LGTBQ-friendly Colleges and Universities.
  •  Library resources: Check out these books available at Lawrence Public Library to help you choose the perfect school for you.


Paying for School

  • This search tool will help you locate potential scholarships based on a profile that you create.
  • Federal Student Aid: Start finding out about all your options from grants, to scholarships, to Federal Student Aid. Plus resources on preparing for college and avoiding scams.
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): You’ll want to fill out this application! It’s free, it can help you see how much assistance you can expect for college, and a lot of schools will want this information before they decide if you qualify for other scholarships or grants.
  •  FAFSA4Caster: Not ready to fill out your FAFSA application? Use the FAFSA 4 Caster to get an idea of how much financial aid you may receive.
  • Lendedu: Good source of information on private loans. The folks we consulted with at KU suggest looking at federal loans first (you’ll find out about these when you fill in your FAFSA) because they generally have a lower interest rate, however you might want to look in this direction as well.
  • Private and State Scholarships:  KU has a list of private and state scholarships that might be useful for you even if you aren’t attending KU.
  • This is just one of many online resources that can help you search for scholarships.
  • Weird Scholarships: Just one more scholarship search site to help you find every last bit of help you can find.
  • Library Resources: Check out these books on scholarships, grants, and paying for college. All are available at the Lawrence Public Library.


Writing a Resume

  •  Resume Writing for Teens: Check out this simple slideshow about writing your first resume including some good suggestions for showcasing your skills when you don’t have any work experience.
  •  Teen Resume Guide: Another good guide put together by the City of Boston.
  •  Resume Examples: Take a look at these examples to make sure your resume includes all the information and looks the way it should.

Finding a Job