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Meet the Staff

MiriamMiriam, Teen Zone Librarian

Miriam’s from Lindsborg “Little Sweden” Kansas but has also lived in New York, San Francisco, Paris, Florence, and Weinheim, Germany. She loves reading, especially Sci Fi and Fantasy, and helping people find things whether it’s a great new book or information on landing an internship. Miriam’s also a huge movie fan and even worked in computer animation for several years. (If you’re ever in the mood for a “Princess Bride” recite-a-thon she is up for it!) If Miriam doesn’t keep herself busy enough she has a tendency to come up with wild projects for herself like building a life-size cardboard Tardis for a friend or learning to sing the alphabet backwards.


 CentennialCenti, Teen Zone Assistant

Centi is from St. Louis, MO and is currently attending the University of Kansas for American Studies & English. Her bibliophilic nature stems from reading Harry Potter as a young girl, which led to attending midnight release parties and going to one too many wizard rock concerts. Though she still loves re-reading HP, these days Centi loves reading magic realism, contemporary, and feminist YA books. If she is not in the library, you will most likely find her drinking too much coffee and hanging out with her three sisters.



KarenKaren, Youth Services Coordinator

Karen is happy to help you with your reading, homework, and computer needs. She loves to read (of course!), bake, bowl, travel, go to concerts and movies, and spend time with her family. Karen wishes she could teleport and also wishes she had a time-turner a la Hermione in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  Here are two facts and one lie about Karen. When you see her, tell her which one you think is the lie: 1) Karen has received her school letter from Hogwarts.  2) Karen saved her brother’s life. 3) Before working at the library, Karen was a trapeze artist at the Bellagio for the Circ de Soleil.


Colton Schubert Staff PicColton, Teen Zone Assistant

Born and raised in Iola, Kansas, a tiny town in Southeast Kansas, and currently attending classes at Johnson County, Colton hopes one day to be a librarian working in a state library or in museum archives. He is most interested in sci-fi and fantasy books, as well as superhero comics, but can settle down to read just about anything with a driving story. Aside from working in Libraries, Colton has had experience working in movie theatres as well, so if you’re ever in need of a book, graphic novel, or movie recommendation, he is definitely your guy.


Becky Reaver Staff PicBecky, Teen Zone Assistant

As someone who grew up in the mountains of rural Montana, fought forest fires, and served in the United States Army, Becky is someone who is always ready to dive into a GREAT adventure.  She is long-time Lawrence teacher so you may have spotted her at LMCMS or Cordley Elementary. Want to chat about community activism, wax philosophical, or knock off some homework assignments? Go see Becky on Sundays in the Teen Zone!