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Voter and Elections Information

Important Contacts:

The Douglas County Clerk’s Office is responsible for overseeing all national, state and local elections conducted in Douglas County.

Lawrence Transit offering free bus rides on Election Day! Call 864-4644 for additional information.

Getting Registered to Vote: Federal Elections

Voter Registration Deadlines
Voter Eligibility Requirements and Voter Registration for Federal Elections

Getting Registered to Vote: State and Local Elections

Registering in Douglas County to vote in State and Local Elections: A guide to registering in person in Douglas County, and a place to find the online voter registration application.
Vote Kansas: A guide to voter registration in Kansas from the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office.
Advanced Voting in Douglas County
Check your voter registration status

Finding Your Polling Place:

Douglas County Polling Places
Locate Your Polling Place

Important Dates:

July 12, 2016: Last day to register to vote in the Kansas primary
August 2, 2016: Kansas Primary
October 18, 2016: Last day to register to vote in the general election
October 19, 2016: Advance voting begins
November 8, 2016: State and Federal General Elections (polls open from 7AM – 7PM)

Voter Deadlines
Kansas Election Calendar
2016 Kansas Primary Advance Voting Schedule
Presidential Debate Schedule

Researching Candidates and Issues:

Looking for reliable information on political candidates and issues? Want to know who is running for office? Try these resources!

Douglas County Sample Ballots: Current and past sample ballots for elections in Douglas County.

Kansas Candidate List: The official list of candidates for the 2016 General Election in Kansas, including those for offices across the state of Kansas.

General Candidate List: The list of candidates on the November General Election ballot, including those for state and local offices.

Lawrence Journal-World Voter Guide: Includes profiles of the candidates and issues you’ll find on the Douglas County ballot. A “nonpartisan, non-profit ‘consumer advocate’ for voters…[that monitors] the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players.” ( is funded by the Annenburg Foundation, the Flora Family Foundation, and by public donation.) A fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others who speak up in American politics. (PolitiFact is run by editors and reporters from the Tampa Bay Times, an independent newspaper in Florida.)

Political TV Ad Archive: This project of the Internet Archive combines a searchable, viewable online archive of 2016 political television ads with fact-checking by independent journalists.

Washington Post Fact Checker: A project to “truth squad” the statements of political figures by longtime Washington Post columnist Glenn Kessler.

League of Women Voters of Lawrence-Douglas County: The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization that supports voter education and issue advocacy.

Campaign Finance:

Federal Election Commission Campaign Finance Disclosure Portal

Kansas Campaign Finance Reports A project of the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan and nonprofit research group that “tracks money in U.S. politics and its effects on elections and public policy.”

Foundation Funding for U.S. Democracy: A data visualization tool for understanding how philanthropic organizations are funding activities related to political campaigns, elections, and voting.

Opinion Polls:

Gallup Politics: A roundup of political poll data from Gallup, Inc.

Pew Research Center–U.S. Politics and Policy: Public opinion polling results from the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan fact tank.

Get Involved:

Interested in being a poll worker in Douglas County? Click here for requirements and application information.

Interested in running for office in Kansas or Douglas County? Click here for forms and filing information.

Information on Past Elections

U.S. Electoral College Historic Election Results
State of Kansas Past Elections Results
Douglas County Past Elections Results